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Meet the Gorgeous Girls

Rika Raven von Capriole

Rika is an amazing girl, very well bred, highly intelligent and extremely loyal. Her dam is Alysa von der Biberfalle who is the daughter of Three Time World Seiger Champion Ballack von der Brucknerallee. Alysa's mother was Akira von Adelsstand who was the daughter of Lennox von Regina Pacis. Akira's dam side was from World Seiger Champion Ober von Bad-Boll. This is just to name a few on her mothers pedigree. Rika's Sire is Yoda von Ultimo who's Grandsire is World Seiger Champion Remo von Fichtenschlang on his sire's side and on his dam's side her sire is World Seiger Champion Pakros d"Ulmental. Rika's pedigree is full of excellent dogs on both sides and she is sure to produce the highest quality German Shepherds available. Rika is now 6yrs old and has been retired.

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